Waldo Walks on Water ... Then On "Thin Ice"

Our dog, Waldo, is pretty smart most of the time, but occasionally he turns into a bone head.

Let me explain.

Recently we were invited to spend an overnight with friends in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. They were staying in a lovely beach house, just a block from the spectacular "white flour" shores of the Gulf, and they suggested that we  bring Waldo because pets were permitted and their dog, Skye, a gorgeous collie, would enjoy the company.

Waldo, you will remember from previous posts, is a wiry-haired terrier/border collie mix with enough sense to pay attention to what George tells him, but just bull-headed enough to do what he wants. That, of course, makes him both loveable and aggravating!

After dinner, our host suggested the balmy moonlit evening was perfect for star gazing from the hot tub, which was situated in the far corner of the pool. It was the ideal set up, with the warm water from the hot tub cascading into and warming the shimmering blue water of the pool. Our host turned off the outdoor patio lights so that only the dolphin design on the bottom of the pool was backlit by the underwater lights, giving us a perfect view of the starry Florida skies.

While the humans lounged in the bubbly warmth of the hot tub, the dogs wandered lazily around the pool deck sniffing and checking out every nook and cranny of the screened enclosure.

Maybe it was the full moon. Maybe it was the dolphin design at the bottom of the pool. I can't say for sure, but just as we looked over at Waldo, he nonchalantly meandered right off the side of the pool and into the water with the biggest splash his little 30 pound body could possibly make!

It took only a split second for George to recognize that Waldo had never been in deep water before, and that the dog's furious paddling at the side of the pool was not going to get him out. George bolted out of the tub, into the pool, and hoisted the little bone head up onto the deck. In a dazed state, Waldo shook his coat dry and wobbled away from the pool!

"Just like kids," we all laughed. "Can't take your eyes off them for a minute!"

Days later, and back home again, we decided to play shuffleboard for a couple of hours with friends down at the clubhouse. Waldo, of course, had to stay home alone, as he has done many, many times in the past. Usually, he lies down across the back of the couch, as close to the window as he can get and watches for our return.

This time, though, he decided to get even with us for leaving him. When we got home, we discovered that he had ripped up our brand new carpeting in the living room and chewed the corner of it, making a royal mess and necessitating some hasty repairs.

As clever as he is, he knew he had misbehaved, and spent the next hour hiding under the bed to avoid the scene of the crime!

From water to "thin ice" -- Waldo the Wonder Dog strikes again!

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