Sweet Mysteries of Life

Do you ever wonder where the birds go when it rains?

It's a question I've mulled over for years.  Bring on the wind and rain, and I'll be peering into hedges, peeking under fallen leaves, but never seeing a single bird.  Birders say they seek shelter in trees, or under eaves in urban areas.  But I still can't see them.

Naturally, it's this type of mystery that intrigues me.   And birds aren't the only thing.  I wonder what happens to worms when the ground freezes, why mould grows in my cheese keeper and how exactly does frost make those pretty designs on window panes.

And here's a biggie -- I stand at the precipice of Table Rock in Niagara Falls and wonder where all the water comes from.  The amazing thing is, it never stops flowing.  The sheer volume of water dropping over that ledge both baffles and hypnotizes me.

Naturally, there are explanations for everything, but you know what? It's just so much more amusing to marvel at the mystery than try to solve it.

So I found it particularly satisfying to watch Tim and Richard Smucker on a TV commercial recently trying to figure out how Grandpa Smucker got all those strawberries to fit into a jam jar.  The purity of Richard's  childish curiosity is heartwarming and refreshing.  His brother Tim's reassurance -- "You'll figure it out" -- is the perfect response.  He seems to infer that it's not critical to solve the puzzle immediately, but to just enjoy the magic.

Curiosity and inquiring minds.  Fascinating stuff.  Now, if I could just spot those birds.

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